Camsley Lane speed limit success


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A decisive intervention from Cllrs Bob Barr and Ian Marks, after years of campaigning by Cllr Sheila Woodyatt, has finally succeeded. The half mile long section of the A56 between the junction with Warrington Road and Booth’s Hill Road, comprising Stockport Road and Camsley lane may have its speed limit dropped from the National Limit of 60 mph down to 40 mph.

The most enthusiastic drivers who accelerate from 40 to 60 mph and back down to 30 mph along this stretch of road will have their journey times increased by about 10 seconds!

However some of these enthusiastic drivers have found themselves caught in the regular speed trap at the 40mph zone near the blind junction with Warrington Road, or, more seriously, involved in accidents on this stretch or near the Princess Road junction.

The nationally funded team of consultants didn’t see fit to include this change in their recommendations, so it will not be listed in the press announcements about those changes. However, a separate Traffic Order will be advertised for this change.

It is very important that everyone who wants the change writes in to support it, even if they think it is a “no brainer”. There are always objectors to changed speed limits and they always write in. I will let those I know to be interested know when the order is advertised.