A Stronger Warrington, A Fairer Warrington



Warrington’s Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for the Borough elections on 22 May. The launch took place at a recent meeting of party members from across the town.Group leader on Warrington Council, Cllr Ian Marks says, “Our vision is for a better Warrington that is ambitious, active and aspirational. We believe in ‘One Warrington’ with fairness across the town. Our strapline is ‘A stronger Warrington, a fairer Warrington’ which mirrors our national message that Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy in a fairer society.

We all know that Warrington is an important and successful town with a well educated and well paid population. It has suffered less than its neighbours from the recession and is showing stronger and faster signs of recovery. But there are neighbourhoods in the town that are amongst the poorest 10% in the country. They should be benefiting from our more favourable economy. Under the previous Lib Dem-led administration, a ‘Closing the Gap’ programme was put in place to focus on those areas identified as being deprived.

We are extremely proud of our record when we led the Council from 2006 to 2011 and we achieved a great deal. Much of the work carried out by the current Labour administration is a continuation of the groundwork and building blocks we put in place, such as most of the regeneration and development.

Our three priorities for a better Warrington can be summed up as a better environment, better communities and a better run Council. The financial climate is tough but it is surprising how often doing things differently can both save money and lead to better services for residents. Collaborative working across different public sector organisations such as NHS health and Council social care is the way forward.”

A full version of the manifesto may be downloaded from www.warringtonlibdems.org.uk

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